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2019 Design Trends

When it comes to incorporating decor trends into your space, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options. But don’t be. And certainly don’t feel the need to adopt them all. Take note of the ones that really “speak” to you and reinterpret them in a way that is comfortable for you and your space. The great thing about decor trends is that they aren’t nearly as fleeting as those in fashion. They usually stick around for a while, so take your time when it comes to investing in them. It would be a waste to incorporate a trend into your space only to decide a month later that you really don’t like it.
We entered 2019 with a list of decor and design trends to keep an eye on this year and so far we love what we’re seeing. These specific ones are on our radar:

It goes without saying that fabric trends are always a highlight for us here at Woodbender. We love seeing what our clients choose to customise their order and are always willing to give advice on the matter if asked for it. In terms of trending prints this year, animal print, chinoiserie (a decorative style inspired by Oriental artistic traditions and designs), tribal prints, and botanical prints are all hugely popular. Colours are rich and we’re seeing jewel tones of mustard, moss, and burgundy everywhere. Earthy palettes consisting of white, cream, and variations of brown are also favourable. Texture-wise, once again velvet and faux fur make the trends list with the addition of stonewashed linen and scoured leather joining them.

Minimalism and clean lines
With bold prints, jewel tones, and sumptuous velvet topping the fabric trend list, the juxtaposition of minimal design and clean lines offer a welcome breather. Harmoniously combine the two trends by upholstering a Scandi-style chair in fabric with a striking print or jewel coloured velvet. The Riga, Alta, and Oden are all ideal for achieving this balanced look.

Raw Materials

Natural materials and sustainability
Environmentally conscious design is nothing new, but the fact that we’re seeing more of it is reason to celebrate. Furniture made from natural materials that are sustainably sourced offers aesthetic appeal, lessens your impact on the environment, and prevents fewer toxins from entering your home. Sounds like a win-win to us. At Woodbender all our furniture is made from solid ash timber, imported from certified forests in North America. These forests are so vast that they replenish themselves naturally, so you can be assured that your purchase is from a responsible source. Take this trend to the next level by pairing other natural materials with our handcrafted wooden furniture. Think organic cotton throws, stone planters, cork placemats…the list is endless.