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2019 Restaurant Trends

A busy restaurant setting demands furniture that is durable, comfortable, and stylish. At Woodbender, we understand how to meet these needs and over the years we’ve developed a reputation as specialists in the hospitality dining furniture industry. With that being said, an important part of our job is to keep a finger on the pulse of restaurant design trends to ensure our new releases are timeless, but also on-trend. We took note of the 2019 trend forecast and released four new designs in line with this year’s hottest restaurant trends. The Kariba, Makuti, Henley, and Calvin are all fully customisable and tie in with our favourite restaurant design trends of the year.

Restaurant with Alta chairs
Alta chairs

The overarching trend in restaurant design is environmental awareness. From a zero-waste mentality in the kitchen to using sustainably-sourced materials in the design of the dining room, a growing awareness of our impact on the environment is reflected in today’s restaurant design.
Incorporate this look into your establishment by using any of our designs – all Woodbender furniture is made from sustainably sourced Ash.

Pastel palettes have been all the rage over the past few years, with candyfloss shades of pink, green, and blue dominating interior design. This year, restaurant design is embracing a richer, warmer palette with bold reds, golden mustards, and deep blues making a comeback. In fact, many establishments have adopted multiple contrasting shades into their scheme for a stronger visual impact.
Incorporate this look into your establishment by upholstering our chairs in a sumptuous jewel-tone velvet.

If you feel like greenery in the form of both living plants and botanical prints is everywhere, you’re not wrong. This trend is only getting stronger and it’s been suggested that perhaps this is more of a lifestyle change than an actual trend. With almost every aspect of our lives being dominated by the digital world, the so-called “greenery trend” may just be our way of getting back in touch with nature. While living plants certainly give restaurants a natural look and feel, it’s the addition of botanical prints that really breathes new life into this trend.
Incorporate this look into your establishment by upholstering our chairs in a tropical print fabric of your choice.

The rise of Scandi Noir-inspired design means that black wood is gaining popularity. The moodiness of the dark wood is often paired with warm metallic accents, soft textures, and subtle lighting. The result is a luxurious cosy dining atmosphere. Incorporate this look into your establishment by ordering our chairs in an ebony stain.