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2020 Design Trends on our Radar

Grandmillenial Design
You may have noticed this trend popping up on your Instagram and Pinterest feeds, but you probably didn’t know that it has a name. Grandmillenial design is a mashup of the words “grandma” and “millennial” and is used to describe the design aesthetic in home decor that is “Insta-meets-grandmother”. Think old-school, layered, and detailed – a far cry from the sleek, minimalist trend that has dominated interior design in recent years. Get in on the trend by incorporating bright colours, chintz, and embroidered floral details into your home.

Kariba backrest detail
Kariba dining chair

European-inspired Furniture with Rounded Edges
This trend is all about curved lines and rounded corners. A visually striking contrast compared to the straight edges we see so often in home design, this European-inspired trend lends itself to a comfortable and sociable environment and can sometimes even add an element of playfulness to a space.

Calvin dining chairs around a table
Calvin dining chairs

Bold Monochromatics
High-contrast colour schemes always have a place in interior design. Edgy and eye-catching, bold monochromatics feature a single base colour and a number of variations of that base. While black and white remain a popular and safe choice, don’t be afraid to mix it up by exploring other options on the colour wheel. A monochromatic colour palette is an easy way of achieving a cohesive look in your space if you’re daunted by the idea of combining various colours together and don’t know where to start.

black and white bar stools at a luxury bar

Geometric Patterns
Geometric patterns in interior design may have retro appeal but they can make a space feel contemporary too. While large print patterns make a bold and eye-catching statement, smaller geometric patterns or prints in neutral shades are a subtle way of incorporating the trend into your space.

Biophilic Design
This design trend focuses on our innate attraction to nature and natural processes. By incorporating nature into our interior spaces we connect with the outdoors and this offers us respite from our digitally dominated lifestyles. While aesthetically pleasing, this trend has also been found to have a positive impact on people’s health and well-being, so it’s well worth investing in. To reap the benefits, consider designing your interior space so that you make the most of the views on offer outside. Maximise natural light where possible. Add more plants. Use natural materials where you can. Invest in artwork or prints that echo scenes and shapes found in nature.

Salsa stool next to side table
Salsa Stool

Multi-functional Spaces
With more people moving into urban environments, living spaces are getting smaller. A simple way to combat this is by creating multifunctional spaces. Open plan living is a popular concept in compact dwellings as well as larger homes. It creates a sense of flow and does away with the need for multiple rooms. The kitchen, dining area, and living room have all evolved over time to find themselves located in one room. Maximise this space by creating zones using rugs, furniture and lighting.

Blue highback dining chair

Pantone’s Colour of the Year
Each year the Pantone Colour Institute selects a colour of the year and this colour inevitably finds its way into decor and design trends. Their chosen hue for 2020 is Classic Blue, a comforting and classic colour similar to indigo. The colour has been described as dependable, trustworthy, credible, and constant – desired characteristics in today’s fast-paced high-pressure world.