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Three reasons to choose bentwood chairs

We’ve all wasted a minute or 10 daydreaming about sipping un café crème while watching Parisian life pass by. An integral part of that imagery is reclining in a café chair that can only be described as iconic. This bentwood chair was created by Michael Thonet and the well-known “bistro chair” or No 14, is considered one of the best-selling chairs of the 20th century. It was made to last and is rumoured to have survived a fall from the Eiffel Tower in 1889 unscathed. 

Fast forward to the present day and Woodbender is carrying on the tradition of creating bentwood chairs that are timeless and dependable. We live and breathe the art of wood bending and while there are so many benefits to bentwood furniture, here are our top three reasons why bentwood chairs are the right choice for your space.

Strong and durable

We recently read this fitting description: “Bentwood chairs are the kind that the lion tamer likes to use for fending off a lion, because they are both strong and light.” Wood bending involves using steam to make the fibres of the wood pliable so that it can be engineered in a way that avoids typical breaking points. Ash timber is our wood of choice because it bends easily and doesn’t crack. Our bending technique allows us to strike the perfect balance between elegance and resilience and our products are made with less joins, less waste, less hassle. So, whether the chair will be climbed on by energetic children or visited by thousands of patrons, it will be there steadfast and strong for years to come.  

Steam Bending Process

Style with substance

Simplicity is the magic ingredient in our designs and while Michael Thonet may have been the pioneer of bentwood chairs, our designs are complete originals. It’s hard to resist running your hand along the smooth lines of our solid wooden chairs because the wood grain is kept so perfectly intact. Our refined range of furniture offers something for everyone from the uncluttered style of the Vuti chair, to the honest design of the Abbey or a bit of old-world charm in the Calvin. We are confident that our tailored designs will add an understated and peaceful sophistication to any space.

Easy to customise

While we build the frame, we know that every space needs to be distinctive and that’s why Woodbender offers five timber finishes so you can choose the right colour for your project. You have the creative freedom to select your favourite fabric and we can help you find the perfect neutral or a brilliant bold print. The added bonus of our strong bentwood chairs is that the frames will be looking good years after that trendy print has gone out of style, so you are able to reupholster whenever you feel the need to refresh or renew.

Our approach to building furniture is unique and we can’t wait to share it with you. Have a look at our full range of bentwood furniture or chat to one of our seating specialists to find out more about how to customise your favourite piece.