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A unique approach to clubhouse design

5ive on Thirteen Lifestyle Apartments

When the client for the 5ive on Thirteen lifestyle apartment project approached Boogertman Interiors Turnkey; designers Elene’ Olwagen & Melissa Capriati Harrison were tasked to create a clubhouse design in a residential development, with a unique approach. The idea was to achieve a luxury experience while still maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.

With a combination of lounges, function rooms, bar areas and dining arrangements, the space lends itself to cater for family gatherings, afternoon sundowners, or romantic dinners.

The design inspiration for this project, was a combination of things. One of which was the architecture, which is very masculine and bold. Elene’ and Melissa stuck to this design language with the general interior design and balanced it out with contrasting items such as greenery and glass.

Another source of inspiration was the view and specifically the sunsets. A fair bit of engineering went into the suspended Sky bar shelving, allowing diners to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.  Many colours and tones for the interior, were also drawn from the spectacular sunsets.

Elene’ and Melissa

Elene’ and Melissa

A passion for interior design and architecture came quite naturally to both Elene’ and Melissa.  With Elene’ having a strong background in the construction industry, they have a great balance between creative and technical skills.  Nothing gets them more excited than seeing their concepts and projects come to life.

When asked about their décor style, they confirmed it to be “uncluttered and timeless.”

Although their personal décor styles vary, they are flexible to where the design direction leads them when it comes to their projects. The 5ive on Thirteen restaurant concept was developed around sophistication and ‘glam.’. While they prefer to stay away from conforming to current design trends, they will sometimes incorporate these trends into the more interchangeable items in a space – such as scatter cushions, artwork, or upholstery. Their favourite trend to incorporate at the moment is maximalism; shamelessly putting it all on display. Along with oversized sculptural design.

Woodbender and Boogertman Interiors Turnkey

Boogertman Interiors Turnkey have worked with Woodbender on many past and ongoing projects.

Comfort, style and durability are the top three qualities that the team consider when specifying furniture for projects.  Different spaces and functions often require different qualities from the furniture used. For restaurants they will always consider durability first followed closely by style.

What made them choose Woodbender furniture for this project?  The bold lines and angles on the Kariba chair complimented the interior design, and the Makuti Bar Stool allowed them to keep continuity in terms of the bold and angular chair angles, throughout the restaurant.

The customisability of the chairs is also always a win – when they can choose the finish and fabrics on the furniture they specify, it allows them to fully control their vision for the end design.

We have developed a great relationship with Boogertman Interiors Turney and Elene’ and Melissa confirmed that they enjoy working with such a reliable and versatile Woodbender team, who always graciously accommodate them. 

We look forward to many more projects together.

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