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Additions to the Woodbender Range: Timeless and Trendy


We pride ourselves in offering our customers a range of innovative designs suitable for the modern household. And as with so many other innovative furniture designs, the line between traditional craftsmanship and modern production methods is often blurred to allow for an end product that hints at nostalgia with a touch of modern sensibility.

We mark the halfway point of 2019 with two new experimental designs that offer a fresh takes on the traditional Windsor Chair and French Crossback Chair.

Henley Chairs
Henley dining chairs

Inspired by England’s historic Windsor Chair, our first new release is named the Henley after the English town Henley-on-Thames. This Comback chair features a five-spindle backrest and a rounded square seat with legs supported by braces. Every inch of the Henley’s design plays a role in strengthening the overall structure of the chair while remaining true to the original silhouette that inspired its shape. This revisitation of an old English classic is delicate in appearance yet durable in its functionality making it ideal for high traffic areas. The Henley’s removable seat makes reupholstering easy so replacing worn out fabric or switching colour schemes is a fuss-free process that can be achieved without compromising the structural integrity of the chair.

Henley chairs at a table
Henley dining chairs

The second new release is the Calvin and is our interpretation of the timeless French Crossback Cafe Chair. Our design team wanted the name of this design to remain true to its French origin but with a touch of South African influence. For this reason, we drew inspiration from South Africa’s French Huguenot past and decided on the name Calvin, after the Northern Cape town of Calvinia. Similar to the Henley, the Calvin features a rounded square seat that is easy to remove for reupholstering. Every component of the Calvin is made of bentwood. This means the chair has fewer joins and therefore a sturdier framework when compared to its more traditional counterparts. In addition, the Calvin features leg braces for added strength of the back legs and a bottom ring to support its front legs. The Calvin’s backrest is in the front of the cross and back legs, a design feature not often seen in other traditional Crossback chairs.

Calvin chairs from all angles
Calvin dining chairs

There is a market demand for European-style venue seating that is equally sturdy and stylish and both the Henley and Calvin answer this.

Customers can order the Henley and Calvin in traditional timber finishes or get creative by choosing from a range of on-trend colours and as with all Woodbender designs, the Henley and Calvin are available in an upholstery of choice.