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Ash Timber Tones and Variations

Not all timbers can bend.  Of those that can, we have chosen to use Ash for the following reasons:

  1. RELIABILITY – minimal breakages occur during the bending process.
  2. SUSTAINABILITY – sourced from sustainably managed forests. 
  3. LIGHT TONE – naturally blonde wood soaks up and takes a spectrum of colored tints and finishes well. 

The benefits of solid bentwood

Wood tones

The wood tone and grain, varies from tree to tree and even plank to plank, which can impact the overall consistency of the chair colour. This results in beautifully, unique furniture. 

These variations are out of our control and mean that one product finished in natural will look different to the next as no two chairs are made from the same piece of wood. The grain and flame of the plank determines how stains are soaked up and the resulting overall tone. As each plank isn’t uniform in grain or flame, variations will also occur in products stained in Light Brown and Dark Brown. Our Black and White finishes are more uniform and less likely to vary.

Below a snapshot of how much Ash in our Natural finish can vary:

Our Quality Control department is vigilant in screening for variances that are outside of our acceptable standards. Any product or stain sample available to our clients is approved as varying within our range of what is unavoidable and normal.

Varying and acceptable timber finish variations

All our dining chairs and stools are fully customisable and available in your choice of timber finish and fabric.