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Ash Wood: Woodbender’s First Choice for Bentwood Furniture

Bending wood is at the very heart of our brand. It is what sets us apart. There is immense skill involved in bending solid timber and with this comes great benefits, such as quality, strength and durability.

What is woodbending?

Most simply put, it is a combination of art and science. The science is highlighted in the type of wood used, the diameter of the plank and also the steaming time and method. The bending process allows the wood to be manipulated in a way that defies logic and results in bentwood parts  that require fewer joins in assembly.  This means there is minimal wood wastage and less opportunity for weak points in the final product. To compliment the science, an intuitive skill and an artistic touch is required in order for the bending to be successful.

Why Ash wood?

Not all woods can bend, but hardwoods like Ash wood, are perfect for bending. There are three main reasons why ash wood is ideal for Woodbender:

  1. It is reliable – minimal breakages occur during the bending process.
  2. It is sustainable – sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  3. It has a beautifully natural light tone – blonde wood soaks up and takes a spectrum of coloured tints and finishes optimally.  The wood tone and grain, varies from tree to tree (and even plank to plank), which can impact the overall consistency of the chair colour.  Resulting in beautifully, unique bentwood furniture .
Variations of natural Ash

Solid Wood Furniture: The best choice

There are clear reasons why solid wood furniture is the way forward, both for sustainability reasons, aesthetics and strength. Below we outline these reasons:

 Strength – solid wood is naturally strong and can bear heavy loads. 

Minimal maintenance – solid wood wears well (indoors) without the need to maintain it often.

 Timeless appeal – solid wood has a classic beauty passed down to generations.

Lasting value – solid wood furniture retain their value over time and, in some cases, increase in value.

Texture – The uniqueness of the texture and grain pattern of solid wood, ties in with the ongoing interior trend focusing on natural materials.

Ash Wood: Crucial for the Environment

Ash trees are incredibly important for our environment; providing an abundant habitat for wildlife and insects. Due to their distinctive ‘two-petal’ leaves, ash trees create an open canopy that allows sunlight to hit the woodland floor and encourage wildflowers to grow – again helping to create a diverse ecosystem. What makes it so sustainable? Ash wood is one of the fastest-growing hardwood trees, and in addition also self-seeding, meaning it grows prolifically.

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