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Bar Stool Perfection: The Kariba

Presenting the Kariba bar stool! We launched and introduced the Kariba chair to you last month and now we’re following up with its bar stool counterpart.

Kariba Bar Stool

Inspired by the raw beauty of the Zimbabwean lakeside town, this contemporary bar stool answered a need in the market. Research showed us that there was a demand for comfortable bar area seating that didn’t take up too much space, so we developed the Kariba as a practical solution. While its on-trend aesthetic may attract guests to pull up a seat at the bar, it’s the Kariba’s tilted back rest and wider seat that will keep them there for more than just one round. Like the diner version, the Kariba bar stool has been made with comfort and compactibility at the forefront of the design process, ensuring a minimised footprint and maximised comfort.

The Kariba bar stool is crafted using very few parts, which means no joins. The end result is a bar stool that is significantly stronger in comparison to similar on the market. It also allows us to market the Kariba at a competitive price point, making it a more accessible option.

With its clean lines and angular frame, we like to describe the Kariba bar stool as minimalist with a Southern African flair. We look forward to seeing how our clients interpret this new design in their spaces, be it a home or hospitality setting.