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Be bold with the Soho

Dining Table

The Soho is a one of a kind dining chair that is fully upholstered with carefully selected foam to offer support in all the right places. It is a brilliant dining chair choice for dining rooms or restaurants that host dinner parties late into the night. Designed to pull up slightly at the table the Soho does require a larger floor space than some of our other dining chairs available. Should you have the space available for it though, it is most certainly worth it. The Soho has a low backrest which sits just above the table top and creates a beautiful visual line around the table. This setting would work really well in an open plan dining space that can carry the statement of a Soho dining set.

 Plettenberg Dining Table &  Soho

Plettenberg dining table and Soho

The Soho can be classified as an occasional dining chair in that it can be used as additional lounge seating should there be an overflow of guests and you run out of seating in the lounge. In order for this to work really well make sure you dress it in a way that complements the dining room and the lounge area.

Soho Dining Chair

Soho (two tone) and Soho (grey)

The Soho is a great chair to express your creativity as you can play with different fabrics on the upholstery panels. As pictured we made use of three colours. A dark grey with complementing chairs in a lighter shade of grey and acid yellow velvet around an Oxblood Plettenberg Dining table. The options are endless and we encourage you to explore different ways to upholster your Soho.