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Where it all began : The Woodbender Story

Inspired by a love of woodwork and passion to explore the art of bending, Woodbender was started in 1988.

30 Yr Story

From the outset, we specialised in bending solid wooden timber, reviving a closely-guarded and secretive old-world tradition from 1700 Europe.  We taught ourselves through hands-on trial and error how to bend kiln dried solid timber, as well as building the necessary machinery to produce components for our first chair design. This took us almost two years and at this point we got our first large restaurant client who still uses those original chairs to this day.

Over the years, the name Woodbender has become synonymous with high quality furniture known for its durability, comfort and excellent value. All of our products are made in solid Ash timber, imported from North America, where the certified forests are so vast that they replenish themselves naturally. Every item is individually handcrafted and is as unique in character as the tree from which it originated. Our unwavering commitment to product and people has enabled us to grow to a sizeable enterprise with a factory and two showrooms.

From a tiny workshop we have grown to a large factory facility with a dedicated team which now includes our two children. Today we are proud to have become the supplier of choice for restaurants, hotels, offices and homes across South Africa and beyond.

Factory Shot