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Spotlight on: Our five bentwood bar stools

Walking into a bustling saloon in the 1800s, patrons were seated on high stools placed along the bar. These were some of the earliest bar stools, designed for function and perfect for serving crowds of thirsty customers. Evolving to become more comfortable and stylish, bar stools now enhance the atmosphere of homes, restaurants and businesses around the world. From their humble beginnings, bar stools have come a long way and remain a beloved piece of furniture that brings people together over drinks and good company. 

bar stools

Woodbender’s kitchen and bar stools are handcrafted from solid ash wood with durability and strength in mind. Using our unique bentwood technique, our indoor wooden stools are designed to withstand high traffic hospitality environments and our collection caters to a variety of seating applications from breakfast counters to trendy eateries and elegant bars.  

Kariba stool

The Kariba Bar Stool doesn’t disappoint when it comes to providing a sophisticated and comfortable seating solution with a bit of African flair. Inspired by the raw beauty of the Zimbabwean lakeside town, this statement bar stool includes armrests as well as a tilted backrest and wider seat. As with all Woodbender designs, the Kariba has fewer parts and joins which makes it highly durable and ideal for high traffic spaces. The horizontal bracing at the bottom keeps the back flush and adds strength to the D-shaped brace. From the distinct shape and ergonomic design to the smooth bentwood components, the Kariba is full of character and a popular choice for modern interiors. 

bar stools
bar stools

Cala stool

There are many ways to describe the Cala Bar Stool: minimalist, versatile and contemporary top the list. The stool has been designed to hug and support your back so, despite the openness, it is still very comfortable. The open, unupholstered backrest is low maintenance and encourages the flow of a room, making it the perfect fit for calm, uncomplicated interiors. Looking at the finer details, plugs are used to hide the exterior screws ensuring a flawless finish. The thick foam combined with a slight overhang on the seat adds extra comfort. The bottom ring provides additional strength to the frame and a place to prop your feet.   

Malmo stool

Fullback chairs offer unrivalled support and a touch of privacy when seated in a crowded space. Our Malmo Bar Stool is an ideal choice for those who prioritise comfort and style in equal measure. The wooden frame around the upholstered backrest protects the fabric, keeping it hygienic and looking newer for longer. Thick foam is used on the seat and there is a slight overhang to offer additional comfort. The bottom ring strengthens the frame and creates a resting spot for dangling feet. 

bar stools
bar stools

Makuti stool

Our Makuti Bar Stool is a smart, compact stool that is designed to take up less floor space, but still deliver when it comes to style, comfort and durability. The gentle curve of the lower backrest offers good lumber support, while the armless design makes it easy to get in and out of and allows the stool to be tucked in fully under the counter top to save space. Like the Kariba, the horizontal bracing at the bottom keeps the back flush and provides additional strength to the D-shaped brace. . 

Calvin stool

Add a little European charm to a room with our interpretation of the timeless French crossback café stool. The Calvin Bar Stool, is made up entirely of bentwood components, which ultimately lends itself to a stronger, sturdier design. The seat and foot rings are made from long pieces of wood that have been bent into the circular shape and joined. The back legs are attached to the backrest for comfort. The bottom ring and side bracing adds structural support and strength. To reduce wood waste, offcut pieces are utilised wherever possible. 

bar stools

All our kitchen and bar stools are fully customisable and available in your choice of timber finish and fabric.  
The option of a steel foot guard is available on request. 

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