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Creative Collaboration: MR. Design Studio and Camp Canoe

A strong team can take any vision and make it a reality. We saw this first hand working with design duo MR.

MR., pronounced Mister, is a local pair of designers, Megan Bond and Rotem Shachar. While both Megan and Rotem grew up in South Africa, they have had the opportunity to travel extensively, gaining design knowledge and experience on their adventures. Megan lived in Paris, New York, London and Amsterdam. She was in the fashion industry and grew to love travel and beautiful locations. Consistently fascinated with who was responsible for such beautiful spaces and locations, she chose to study interior design in London. Rotem lived in New York where she worked in advertising. There she learned to work with small, tricky spaces – there were plenty to be inspired by – and appreciate the power of branding. When describing their décor style, Megan and Rotem share that they are anti-trend. They embrace the idea of ignoring current trends and instead create long-lasting, aesthetically nourishing design. Their strength lies in telling the bigger story and concept is key. Each project they take on is brand led and they love being part of the development from the beginning stages.

Megan Bond and Rotem Shachar

Bringing Camp Canoe to life

Picture seven large tented homes perched on the side of the Simonsberg mountain. The sun warming the deck, surrounded by lush greenery and vineyard views to die for. A blank canvas in need of an identity. You could call it the project of dreams.

This slice of heaven, owned by Amy Kropman and her partner Tal, would become Camp Canoe. A luxury outdoor retreat where you can unplug and connect with nature while enjoying all the comforts of home, and more. When MR. took on the project, their brief was to “go wild”. So, influenced by Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, they developed a Scout-inspired theme and infused the tiny homes with a balance of sophistication and playful spirit. MR’s sensibility is detailed and textural with a mixed use of materiality. This is evident in some of the standout features of their design; the netted hammocks, the clever combination of fabrics, the beautiful use of wood throughout the camp. But the concept’s most charming and surprising element is the addition of walls to the canvassed tents. The soft, quilted headboard, the pegged panels of the kitchenette and the pocketed walls for storage are smart and undoubtedly quirky. The design of Camp Canoe is a triumph, turning a gorgeous camping venue into a memorable experience with unexpected treasures at every turn.

A partnership between Woodbender and MR. Design Studio

The attention to detail in the design of Camp Canoe is unmatched, and when it came to finding the right furniture for the meeting and dining area in the main tent, function was a key factor. House Canoe is the hub tent, the heart of the camp where people come together to talk and share a meal. Knowing that this room would see many visitors, MR. needed seating that would suit the aesthetic of their design while being durable. They chose our Abbey chairs to match the large 14-seater table. The exceptional strength of our bentwood chairs, the comfort of the smooth curves and the option to customise the timber finish and upholstery, meant that our chairs ticked all the boxes. 

While this was their first time using Woodbender chairs, Megan and Rotem agree that the style, shape and quality of our Abbey chair suited the space perfectly and they look forward to working with us again in the future.

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