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Design Trends to watch in 2022

As furniture designers, we like to take the annual trend forecast and make it our own. Find out which of the five top trends stood out to us this year and how you can use our Woodbender Collection to incorporate them into your space.

Sustainability Refined

Sustainability remains at the forefront of interior trends, especially in furniture design. The aim to minimise one’s carbon footprint has been driving buyer decisions for some time now and shows no sign of stopping. When you purchase a Woodbender design, you can have peace of mind that you’re purchasing a locally manufactured product that was crafted using sustainably-sourced timber. All Woodbender designs are made from imported Ash timber grown in sustainably certified forests. The process of wood bending also allows for less wood wastage because the wood is manipulated into shape as opposed to being cut.

Multifunctional Spaces

With more time spent at home, we’re looking to get the most out of existing spaces. This means certain zones in the home take on multifunctional roles. It only makes sense then that the furniture incorporated should be versatile enough to fulfil a multitude of roles. Woodbender products may be highly durable for high-traffic areas such as restaurants and hotels, but it’s equally tailored for the private home. Our Abbey is a space-saving stacking chair, while our Salsa Stool can be used as a footrest, dressing table chair or tray stand. We also offer a range of kitchen and bar stools as well as chairs that can double as occasional, office or dining room chairs.

Gentle Curves

The curved furniture trend is easy on the eye and has been described as playful and fun. Our furniture, with its bentwood components, is a subtle nod to the trend and all of our designs feature graceful curves. The resurgence of curved furniture has been partly fuelled by the pandemic with many design experts agreeing that during these turbulent times we’re subconsciously leaning towards comforting curves. Our solid bentwood designs offer structural and sustainable benefits and our collection is constantly evolving to explore the possibilities that bending wood has to offer.

Heirloom Pieces

Heirloom furniture is a growing trend with many people choosing to buy superior quality pieces that they can pass down from generation to generation. We’ve been crafting our bentwood pieces for over 30 years now and love hearing from clients who purchased products from us in our early days and still use them to this day. While we always have our eye on international trends and market demand, we also design with timeless appeal in mind so that our furniture seamlessly transitions from decade to decade and can be treasured and used for years to come. Our emphasis on durability and quality craftsmanship plays a significant role in the longevity of our designs.

Landscape-inspired Tones

One of this year’s biggest trends draws inspiration from the colour combinations, shapes and textures of our natural environment. Think organic shapes, natural wood, earthy textures and shades of moss, clay and sand. This inclination towards landscape inspired tones reflects our desire to connect with nature in whatever way we can, especially at home. Our range of solid ash furniture can be stained in one of five timber finishes that include white, walnut, oak, natural and black. Paired with a natural fibre upholstery in hues of on-trend green or cashew cream, incorporating this trend into your home with a Woodbender design is easy.