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Designing elegant spaces: Q&A with Olive Rose Interiors

Olive Rose Interiors is led by interior designer Olivia Gomes who believes that the value of interior design can be seen by the positive experience it creates for users of the space. After a recent collaboration to transform part of a Namibian guesthouse, we chatted to Olivia about her background and what she considers when bringing a design concept to life. 

Olivia Gomes
Olivia Gomes

What is your background and where did your passion for interior design and décor styling begin?  

My interest in interior design started around the age of 15. I still have my scrapbooks where I’d draw up house plans, select images from magazines and then cut and paste them next to the floor plans to create an overall design look.  My mother had an interest in design and there were always home décor magazines and architectural books at home. I would spend hours paging through them, imagining how I would translate those images into different spaces. 
A rejection into the architectural department at CPUT lead me to a happy alternative of being able to complete their Foundation in Art and Design course. That gave me insight and exposure to the other design disciplines that I have been able use to inform the interiors I design now. After completing my BTECH in Interior Design at CPUT, I moved back to Namibia to work for an award-winning Namibian architectural firm where I was their lead interior designer for six years. Olive Rose Interiors was opened five years ago, after a decision to expand and develop my design style outside of what I had been doing previously. 

How would you describe your décor style? 

I’d describe my personal décor style as contemporary and eclectic. I like to focus on sourcing products that are well made. Most often custom pieces that are handcrafted and unique. The interior needs to reflect the client’s personality or their company’s ethos. I guide them in doing so, whilst making conscious efforts to support local suppliers as much as possible. 

What is your favourite design trend at the moment? 

I don’t currently have a favourite design trend, I purposely try not to be too influenced by trends. I rather focus on interiors that are authentic, layered, interesting and a collection of items that would best represent the person living in that home or the ethos of a company or retailer. 

Can you tell us a bit more about the Swakopmund Guest House project? 

Swakopmund Luxury Suites is a well-established guest house in the centre of Swakopmund, with views overlooking some of the most iconic landmarks of the town. 

The client approached me to convert an office space into the new breakfast room. The existing space had beautiful architectural features that we were able to enhance with the new design. The design brief was to ensure the breakfast room echoed the feeling of the existing rooms and the overall experience of staying at Swakopmund Luxury Suites. 

What qualities do you look for in furniture when decorating a space? 

I look for furniture that is well made – structurally and ergonomically. Preferably items that are handcrafted and interesting.   

What made you choose Woodbender furniture and how did you go about selecting the specific pieces you chose? 

I’ve been sourcing Woodbender over the past four years for both residential and commercial projects. As this is a high-traffic area, selecting a manufacturer who produces hospitality grade furniture led me to Woodbender. For this space I selected the Abbey, Vuti and Riga chairs as they best suited the aesthetic we wanted to create for the client. Each type of chair was upholstered in a slightly different fabric to add interest to the breakfast room. 

Would you recommend Woodbender to others and would you purchase from us again? 

Quality and service are especially important as we are located in Namibia and therefore need a supplier we can count on. I would definitely recommend Woodbender and I’m looking at sourcing some more chairs for a new project. 

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