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Designs trends we’re loving for 2023

It’s safe to say that living through a pandemic brought about a shift in priorities for many of us. And as design trends are often an indication of the mood of the moment, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing an emphasis on interior design that acts as a form of self-care. More than ever, we are attracted to environments that bring calm and comfort, whether in our own homes or in the places we work and socialise.

Many of the design trends for 2023 align beautifully with our vision at Woodbender, but there are also a few wildcards that will be interesting to watch. Here’s a roundup of our favourite design trends for the coming year.

Wellness décor  

There’s a reason why relaxing getaways are often depicted as secluded spots on the beach or hidden bungalows in the jungle – nature is calming. Bringing the outdoors in has proven to be a design trend with staying power and biophilic elements are taking up permanent residence in most spaces. The Dulux Colour of the Year 2023, Wild Wonder, reinforces this trend and is a woody tone that encapsulates the essence of nature. Discussing earthy and textural spaces, designer Melanie Hay says: “I think this move towards natural and earthy spaces reflect our desire to live authentically and comfortably and really be intentional about what matters most in our lives—simplicity, timelessness, connection, and beauty all come to mind.” At Woodbender, we understand the soothing quality that comes from adding natural products to a space and we offer our solid wood chairs in five beautiful timber finishes.

Handcrafted, sustainable furniture

As a family-run business where our furniture is made to order, we are delighted to see a move away from fast furniture and a growing appreciation for quality, handcrafted pieces. We have always considered the environmental impact of our products and all our bentwood chairs are made from sustainably sourced ash timber. Our process of steam bending is a low-energy, ecological technique that results in strong furniture with less joins and less waste. And while we keep an eye on international design trends, we create with longevity and timeless style in mind. Choosing furniture that is superior in quality and craftmanship means it will last for generations before it needs to be replaced and this is a positive step towards protecting our environment.

Curves in all the right places

For a long time, modern décor emphasised sharp clean lines, but if you’ve browsed the Woodbender collection, you’ll know that we’ve celebrated smooth curves for decades. Again, wellness is a driving factor in this trend and curved interiors are believed to bring a sense of calm and comfort to a room. Curves have a unique way of softening a space and curved couches, chairs and arched doorways are making a comeback in 2023.

Embracing colour

White walls will always have their place in design, but the colour trends for 2023 indicate that people are eager to incorporate colour in natural and organic ways. As a result, soothing pastels are a popular design trend with sage green and lavender taking centre stage. Trend forecasters at WGSN and colour experts at Coloro have named Digital Lavender as their 2023 colour of the year. As lavender has always been associated with relaxation and healing, it ties in perfectly with the desire to create interiors that are serene. In contrast to soft pastel tones, the Pantone colour of the year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, a joyful and optimistic choice. We’re also loving Paprika, a bold new shade that makes a statement while keeping an earthy aesthetic and looks stunning set against natural wood and neutral fabrics.

Micro luxury

While minimalism has been the narrative for years and simple living continues to have huge appeal, an emerging trend is the desire for luxurious interiors, but on a smaller scale. With a nod to the idea of wellness, micro luxury is about adding romance and glamour, but in a focussed space like a bathroom. A few ways to achieve this design trend is to play with rich fabrics, saturated colours and warm metals such as gold or brass. We love how soft gold adds instant grandeur while remaining earthy and neutral. This year we’re also excited to see the use of accent pieces to elevate a space. Our range of occasional chairs are fully customisable in your choice of fabric so you can choose a luxurious jewel tone or a bold print.

Wood adds a rich character to any space and wooden furniture are timeless and dependable.  When selecting wooden décor products, make sure you’ve considered the other wood tones in your space like chairs, tables, floors, cabinets etc and select a wood finish that compliments them best.