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Discover the Flynn Chair

We’ve expanded the Woodbender collection with a contemporary bentwood dining chair that is the perfect combination of quality and inspired design.

There are chairs that have been dubbed “15-minute chairs” because sometimes minimalist design sacrifices on comfort. We know that a chair is at its best when it is thoughtfully handcrafted, considerate of the environment and supportive for its guests. Inspired by the need for a comfortable, modern chair that would work well in contract spaces, we combined the best of old-world methods and modern sensibility to develop the Flynn chair.

A strong frame

We are well-versed on how to make superior quality chairs, but we enjoy the opportunity to push boundaries and get creative. The appeal of a good chair can be put down to how well the design combines aesthetics and function. The Flynn chair does this flawlessly. It displays exceptional strength and streamlined elegance, achieved through the unique process of steam bending. The full bend parts reduce the need for joins making the chair lightweight, but durable. Although it is robust, it is the antithesis of a traditional heavy dining chair.

Innovative and inviting

A great chair should work with the body, not against it. Perhaps the most notable feature of the Flynn chair is the one-of-a-kind pivoting backrest that is both striking and purposeful, adjusting to your back to provide ultimate comfort. The distinctive shape of the curved backrest simultaneously forms the armrest and envelops each visitor in a welcoming embrace. The Flynn chair might take up a little more space than some other Woodbender favourites but for good reason, as the wider base allows you to sink in and enjoy the luxury of the upholstered backrest and seat.

Celebrating style, quality and comfort, the Flynn chair is the perfect fit for busy, multi-functional spaces and has been fully tested to EU standards. Like all Woodbender chairs and bar stools, the Flynn chair is made using sustainably sourced ash timber. 

Versatile design

The option to customise the timber finish and upholstery fabric makes the Flynn chair easy to pair with any interior style. Investing in a long-lasting solid wood frame with the option to refresh or update the upholstery when needed, has always been an attractive quality of our bentwood chairs. 

In a world that is constantly changing, Woodbender remains a constant, offering quality wooden furniture that can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your space.

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