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Exploring the possibilities with customisable furniture

Because there are so many decisions that need to be made when planning an interior space, it can feel like you’ve hit the jackpot when you find a brand that delivers high-quality, handcrafted furniture that can also be adapted to suit your needs. Woodbender ticks both these boxes and we are the go-to supplier for many designers when they are sourcing furniture for a project. Our customisable furniture allows clients to be involved in the creative process so that the furniture reflects the personality and purpose of their space. Below, we’ve highlighted four benefits of our customisable chairs and stools:

Showcasing the customisation of chairs

Elegant solid wood frames 

If you browse our collection of bentwood chairs and stools, you’ll see that each design has carefully considered busy environments, small spaces, comfort and style. From compact, stackable chairs, to wider seats with armrests, there is a seating solution for every interior. Our frames are made from solid Ash timber and crafted using the technique of steam bending to make them incredibly durable. The sophisticated and uncomplicated designs are a solid foundation and the starting point on the design journey. 

Timber finishes 

Our chairs and stools are a celebration of wood and the beautiful, strong furniture it allows us to produce through bending. We offer five classic timber finishes that still showcase the beauty of the wooden frame, while allowing you to modify the chair to the aesthetic of your space. But choosing the tone of wood can be one of the trickiest dilemmas because both light and dark tones can work well in so many different settings. While there is no right or wrong answer, your choice will depend on the mood you are trying to create. Dark tones have more visual weight, adding a level of richness and contrast to a room. They are often recommended for larger spaces with good lighting. Light wood tones are extremely versatile and more organic, making a room feel calm and casual.  

The light wood tone and neutral fabric of the Makuti chair creates a breezy vibe in Oku Eatery. In Post & Pepper, the dark timber finish of our Riga chair adds to the moody elegance of the restaurant. 


The finishing touch that really transforms a chair is the choice of upholstery fabric. We work with high-quality fabric suppliers to provide a range of options for our clients, but there is also the option to provide your own fabric if you have something specific in mind. From neutral and minimalist to vibrant and eclectic patterns, the options are endless. Our wooden frames are made to last and the seats are removeable so that the upholstery can be updated when needed. This allows you to follow trends, or not, and paves the way for an interior design to evolve over time, while still keeping the original frame. 

Our Kariba chair takes on a different personality in every space it occupies.  


Consumption and waste is at an all-time high, so it is more important than ever to consider our choices when it comes to how products are crafted and how long they will last. By investing in timeless pieces that can be easily updated and refreshed, there is less need for replacements. This reduces waste and minimises the environmental impact associated with traditional mass-produced furniture. When we choose simple, beautifully-made furniture we take stress off ourselves and our environment.  

Our team of seating specialists are available to walk you through the benefits of each of our unique chairs, stools and occasional chairs, and provide creative solutions to meet your needs. Get in touch.