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Five of our Favourite Trends this Year

We’re all spending more time at home these days so you may be looking for ways to inject comfort and creativity into your space. Interior design trends are different from those in fashion because they generally have more longevity and can be interpreted in so many ways. This year, we have our eye on five particular trends and can’t wait to see how our clients put their own personal spin on them using our furniture.


An increasing number of people are making a conscious effort to decorate their spaces with as little impact on the environment as possible. The climate crisis continues to mount each year, so it only makes sense to look for sustainable options in order to not contribute to it. All Woodbender designs are crafted from timber grown in sustainably certified forests, giving you peace of mind that the furniture in your home has not caused any harm to the environment.



The light wood furniture trend comes and goes but each time it returns it does so with a slightly different perspective, allowing us to see it in a fresh light. This year, it’s all about that relaxed, contemporary casual feel sometimes referred to as organic modern or California casual. Furniture in blonde timber makes the room feel open and creates a sense of space. Embrace the trend by ordering our designs in a natural ash, natural oak, or honey finish.

Calvin chairs around the table


As always, the Pantone Colour of the Year plays a significant role in decor trends. For 2021, the Pantone Colour Institute selected not one, but two colours – Illuminating, which is a bright and vivacious yellow and Ultimate Grey, a pale grey. Described by Pantone as independent but complementary, the choice of these two colours represents a theme of unity and mutual support. We see this palette bringing a sense of playfulness and sensibility to interior spaces in 2021.

Yellow children chair


Open concept living is nothing new but this year we’re seeing a particular focus on the creation of zones within one space, turning it into a multifunctional space. Examples are the living space which can serve as a place to cook, eat, watch tv, study, and work or the bedroom which is now not only a place to sleep but potentially your home office too. It’s not surprising then that this trend calls for furniture that can fulfil more than just one role. Our Salsa stool can be used as a footrest, side table, or extra seating in the living room or bedroom. Our Toscana and Plettenberg servers can be used as sideboards or desks or dressing tables. However you choose to use them, just remember that placement is key in order to create flow through the room.


In today’s digital world we’ve developed an innate need to reconnect with nature in whatever way we can and this is reflected in our homes. Incorporating earthy colour palettes and textures makes us feel grounded and create a sense of serenity. Shades that represent the ground, the soil, and natural minerals are all on trend this year as are natural materials like wood, leather, ceramic, grass, and marble. 

Kariba chairs around a table