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Four things to consider when choosing restaurant chairs 

It’s easy to dismiss a chair as… just a chair. But after making beautiful bentwood furniture for over thirty years, we know that seating informs so much of how we interact and socialise. Whether you find yourself pausing for a moment on a park bench, perched on a hard wooden seat in a public office or seated around the dining table for a birthday celebration, each chair has a story to tell.

A delightful study titled “How seating shapes welcoming cities,” explores the role seating plays in our lives. It’s a fundamental element of daily life, whether we realise it or not. In the same way, seating plays a crucial role in shaping an interior space and there are important factors to consider when choosing the perfect restaurant chairs. 

Durability and craftmanship

Contract seating is nothing if it’s not strong. In high-traffic environments, a chair needs to be able to withstand heavy use, meet safety standards and not show wear and tear. The strength of bentwood chairs makes them an ideal investment for busy restaurant spaces. Our love for the process of steam bending runs deep and the craftmanship in our manufacturing process is evident in the durability of our chairs. 

Comfort and function

Comfort should always be a top priority when choosing restaurant chairs no matter whether a person sits for five minutes or five hours. The idea of inclusive design considers that guests come in all different shapes and sizes and seating needs to be clever and thoughtful. A well-engineered chair is crafted with attention to the angles and shapes of the backrest, arms, seat and legs. It provides good support and adequate padding. The design should also take into consideration the intended location and cater to its specific needs such as being lightweight, compact or stackable. 


A collection of chairs can tell us whether a space is traditional or minimalist, rustic or modern, formal or informal. It’s important that the choice of furniture reflects the theme for the space. From the shape, to the colour of the timber and upholstery fabric, the chairs should enhance the ambiance of a room. The addition of tub chairs in a restaurant invites laidback lounging, while bar stools are free for a quick visit. Upholstered chairs may provide a small comfort after a tough day, while compact chairs that are lightweight work well in a bustling corner café. Each chair offers a different invitation to take a seat.  


No matter how durable a chair is, a bit of maintenance will be required to keep it looking fresh. But when you have a hundred or so restaurant chairs, you need them to be easy to clean. Woodbender chairs can easily be wiped with a damp cloth – no cleaning agents needed. The biggest consideration is fabric choice, because it usually shows the first signs of wear. Choosing chairs with removable seats allows for easy cleaning of crumbs and stains and makes it possible to reupholster the seats to freshen up the chairs and keep up with the trends.

A great chair embraces people. We are seating specialists with decades of experience and we love collaborating with clients to help them find the chairs that tell their story. With the option to choose from quality bentwood designs, five timber finishes and your choice of fabric, you can create unique restaurant chairs that are exclusive to the space you’re designing.  

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