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Growing our legacy: Planting for the Future

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson

This month, as part of our 30th birthday celebrations and our Growing our Legacy campaign, we’re taking a moment to thank the Woodbender family, a team of dedicated individuals who have played a key role in helping us grow our legacy.

Tree Planting Hands

This past weekend, on the first day of Spring, we invited each member of our team to a special tree-planting ceremony to mark the next chapter in our journey – one where we grow our business into the future, taking care to ensure that our name is still synonymous with quality craftsmanship, outstanding service and ongoing innovation 30 years from now.

Tree Planting

While the event was timed to coincide with National Arbour Week, which runs from the 1–7 September, it was also an expression of our dedication to crafting quality bentwood furniture, our commitment to sustainability – we import Ash timber from sustainably managed forests abroad – and our undertaking to continue growing the Woodbender legacy which began 30 years ago when owner, Charles Mast began building and selling cottage-style furniture.

To celebrate our team’s incredible contribution to the business, each member got the chance to contribute to plant an Ash Tree.

Tree Planting

Next month, we continue to celebrate our first 30 years by taking a look at how we’re ensuring that innovation remains at the forefront of our business into the future.

Keen to do something this Arbor Week for the good of our planet?

If you’d like to plant some of your own seeds for the future, the Greenpop Foundation, “a non-profit organisation on a mission to plant trees, green communities and activate environmental stewards across Southern Africa” has the following suggestions:

● Host your own tree-planting event with friends and plant a tree in your garden or in a communal space.
● Organise a park clean-up in your area.
● Go for a walk in the forest with friends.
● Learn to identify trees in your neighbourhood.

Click HERE to find out more about Greenpop and the work they’re doing in sub-Saharan Africa.