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How to choose Family Friendly Upholstery Fabric

It can be a difficult decision choosing upholstery fabric for a new or existing piece of furniture. Even more so when you have a family to consider. Here are four practical ways to ensure that the fabric you choose stands up well to grubby feet (and paws).

1. Go for a high rub count
The rub count of a fabric is an indicator of just how durable it is and the higher the rub count, the tighter the weave of the fabric and the longer it is likely to last. Given how hard a family can be on a couch or occasional chair between TV time, story time, cuddle time and, let’s be honest, a certain amount of play time, it’s important that the fabric you choose has a rub count of at least 25 000.

2. Choose dark colours…
While you may have your heart set on a soft grey or delicate neutral, darker colours are your friend when there are small children and fur-kids involved. According to décor website, “Dark colours can be considered neutral, too. Dark neutrals include charcoal gray, dark brown, deep gold, navy blue, and black.” And remember: adding cushions or a throw in the season’s hottest colour can deliver the pop you’re looking for and really bring your space to life.

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3. …or patterns
If you’re thinking about upholstering an occasional chair in your living area or chairs for your dining room, consider making a statement with a patterned fabric – patterns have a great way of hiding stains and spills. If you’re not convinced about taking such a bold step, take a look at textured fabrics instead. According to, “The variation in height and play of light and shadow across the surface will help obscure stains and wear.”

4. Get protection
These days, there are plenty of water- and stain-resistant fabrics to choose from and going this route means you’ll avoid a mild panic attack every time your child teeters past with a cup of juice in hand or ten sticky fingers. And, if the fabric you’ve fallen in love with isn’t protected against spills and stains, pick up a can of Scotchgard and spray it onto the fabric once your item of furniture has been upholstered.

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