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How to choose the right colour for your couch

Have you found the perfect couch and need to decide on a colour? With so many options available, it can be a tough choice. Here are three questions to ask yourself, to make the decision a little easier – and remember to give yourself enough time to make a choice you feel happy with.

Oden Couch

Oden Two Seather 

1. Do you want to go bold or neutral?
Whether you go bright and bold or calm and neutral will ultimately depend on your personal style, what you want to achieve with the space as a whole, and whether you’d like your couch to stand out or blend in seamlessly. There’s no doubt that a bold colour will make a strong statement, but neutral shades are far from boring – and remember that you can always bring colour into the space through cushions, lamps, rugs and throws.

2. Does it complement the rest of your décor?
While you might fall in love with a particular colour in our showroom, remember that your couch won’t stand alone – it will live alongside the rest of the colours, patterns and décor elements you’ve used in your home. So, think about how the shade you’re considering will fit in with all these different components. The last thing you want is for your lovely new couch to clash with the rest of your design choices

Hampshire Lowback Two Seater

Hampshire Lowback Two Seater 

3. Does it work in your space?
Each area of your home has its own function, feel and even lighting. Think about how you use this particular space and consider whether the colour you’ve chosen will work and be shown off to best effect. Does the space get too much or too little light, is it an area that sees a lot of activity and foot traffic, and is the couch at risk of spills and stains? Take all these factors into account when considering whether a colour is suited to your home.

TIP: Have you decided on two or three strong options? Ask the fabric house to provide you with swatches that you can take home. Place them in the relevant space and live with them for a while to see which works best in terms of your décor and lighting.