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How to create the ideal dining space

It’s been decades since dining rooms were considered the height of fashion, and necessary for entertaining. They have since become less relevant, as people’s living spaces get smaller and entertaining in other areas of the home have become the norm, such as open-plan areas, kitchens that lead onto living spaces, and indoor areas flowing to the outside. Many opt to eat at their kitchen islands, which is where sturdy and comfortable kitchen stools become all-important. 

When planning your dining space, think about how you want it to function. 

Do you want to eat every meal there, every day, or is it a space you’ll use for special occasions? Do you host a lot of dinner parties, and does your dining table have to double up as a home work space or homework space for your children?  This area should reflect the rest of your home and family life. 

Your dining space might be a separate room, an open-plan area leading onto a lounge, or perhaps a space set up in your kitchen. No matter where it is, or how much space you have, there are some key factors to take into consideration when making decisions on style of chairs used, colour, layout and more.

Here are our tips:

Let’s start with layout. This all depends on the size of your room, and the atmosphere you want to achieve. If you choose an elegant and formal feel, we suggest keeping it simple, with a long rectangular table down the centre and sleek, minimalist chairs, such as the Vuti chair along the table length and Floro chair upholstered in a contrasting, yet complimentary colour, at each end of the dining table, to add interest. Adding a console at one end of the room (that can double up as storage) and two symmetrical lamps will add a touch of elegance to the room.

If you have a smaller dining room and want to keep your space more casual and cosy, opt for a round table, circular rug and space-saving chair, such as our classic Henley chair.

Use our checklist below to make sure you’ve considered everything before buying your new dining chairs.

  • Measure up your dining table to make sure your chairs will fit comfortably around them. 
  • Work on an average seating space of 600mm per person.
  • If you’re looking at chairs with arms, make sure that they will tuck in under your dining table.
  • Consider the other wood colours in your space, the table, floors, cabinets etc and select a wood finish that compliments them best.
  • Consider your unique circumstances  when choosing the upholstery fabric. Will there be children dining with you, or are there pets that might sneak up onto a chair?  

Comfort is key. It’s only a successful dinner if you can sit for several hours without getting restless. And as much as comfort is of utmost importance, strength and durability are a close second. Choosing something that is built to last, means exactly that, it’ll last.

Don’t buy furniture on a whim. We can’t stress this enough! Look at the space you have available, write down the dimensions and really plan where each piece will go, to see if it works in the space you have. There’s nothing worse than having to squeeze past people and other furniture to get to your seat, or worrying about backing your dining room chair into a wall.

Our standard range of fabrics available on our online shop are all FibreGuard, with the following key characteristics:

– Stain-free

– Anti-microbial

– Anti-bacterial

– Mildew resistant

– Odour resistant

– Multi colour options 

For bespoke fabrics and timber finishes, get in touch with one of our seating specialists to discuss your requirements.

Consider the quality and sustainable impact of the furniture you choose. Investing in long lasting furniture that has been sustainably made will ensure that your chairs will stand the test of time in your home.