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How to select the best modern wood furniture for your space

Selecting furniture pieces for your home or business is not easy; however, you can never go wrong if you fill your space with expertly crafted pieces you love. Defining the style and finding good quality furniture to compliment your interiors is essential. Whether you’re still deciding on a furniture style, or you’ve already got your heart set on modern wood furniture, you’ve come to the right place.

As you begin to look for the perfect modern wood furniture piece for your needs, there are a few things to keep in mind. Because furniture is bought with the intention of being used for many years, the quality of the build and the materials used is paramount. The furniture you choose should look great in the intended space and support the architecture and décor style of the room.

The difference between contemporary and modern wood furniture

Modern design, sometimes referred to as mid-century modern, derives its name from the middle of the 20th century, just after the Second World War. Natural materials and textures became more prominent during this period, along with brighter textiles and handcrafted furniture pieces. Mid-century modern is a style of its own to this day. In contrast, contemporary style changes around every decade or so. Contemporary design is based on what is popular right now and does not fall into a specific period as the modern style does.

More about modern

If you’re drawn to clean lines, a polished finish, and cutting out excess, modern wood furniture is the right choice for you. One key aspect of modern wood furniture is the bold lines and shapes that are showcased. This is why bentwood furniture is so suited to the modern style. Whether it’s the innovative backrest and legs found on the Kariba Chair, the gentle soft curves of the Riga Chair, or the clean lines of the Cala Chair, you will find an essence of modernism in Woodbender pieces.

Modern design uses natural wood, linen, and leather as textural elements. At Woodbender, all our handcrafted furniture is available in four standard timber finishes and four standard upholstery options. These include grey and ivory FibreGuard colourways with the following qualities: Stain-free, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and mildew & odour resistant. We also offer a choice between cognac and black leather options that are finished with a combination of transparent waxes and oils, which gives the leather a soft feel. When the leather is stretched or pulled, the colour migrates and becomes lighter in the pulled area. The leather will patina and age over time, giving it a vintage and classic worn leather look.

You can also specify your own fabric and timber finishes to create pieces that integrate seamlessly into any space. Get in touch with one of our seating specialists to discuss your preferences and find the perfect Woodbender furniture for your needs.