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Installation: Galaxy Bingo Uitenhage

The restaurant at Galaxy Bingo in Uitenhage is a casual, laid-back and family friendly establishment that was designed by Tartan Studios around the conservation of a corkwood tree. This tree has subsequently become the focal point of the outdoor deck area, and diners can sit under its shade during the day or enjoy the scene of it lit up at night.

The natural elements of the outdoors and the corkwood tree inspired the restaurants interior décor. Natural, rustic elements and textures are carried throughout the space and juxtaposed with hard, man-made elements such as steel and metal. This is especially evident in the feature ceiling in the middle of the restaurant and the entrance. The ceiling works with different shades and textures of cork sheeting presented in geometric patterns and the entrance is through a bespoke steel and brass archway, adding an element of interest to the space. While the corkwood tree steals the show outside, a bespoke leather and velvet fluted bench with a vertical planter holds centre stage inside the restaurant. The planter screens off the view into the grill just enough for diners to still enjoy the sounds and scents of their steak searing.

With organic textures and elements celebrated throughout the establishment, the team behind the concept of the restaurant’s interior design wanted a seating option that married well with these finishes. They felt that the Riga was ultimately the right fit because of its classic and contemporary silhouette. Its understated beauty blends in with the space in a harmonious way, allowing diners to relax around the table in comfort while they enjoy dining on classic South African fare with a gourmet twist.

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