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Introducing the Abbey Chair

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new stacking chair, the Abbey.

Abbey chairs with blue seats

With three other stacking chairs already in the Woodbender range, we felt it was time to offer our clients a fresh new shape and so the Abbey has joined the Woodbender stacking chair range as a fourth option.

Each of our current stacking chairs (the Tivoli, the Sutherland, and the Parklane) takes its name from a well-known theatre somewhere in the world. It was only fitting that our latest addition to the stacking chair range followed suit, and so this new design was named the Abbey, after the Abbey Theatre in Ireland.

Abbey chair with pink seat and a stack of abbey chairs

Stacking chairs are a must for venue spaces for a multitude of reasons. Their shape and design mean they’re generally less bulky than more traditional seating options, making them easier to move around when they’re in use. And when it’s time to pack them away, they fit neatly on top of one another saving a large amount of floor space. Put simply, they’re a space-saving seating solution with effective storage capabilities.

The Abbey boasts several new features not found in our other stacking chairs. It has a singularly supported leg which allowed our R&D team more flexibility during the chair’s design process. In addition, the back and front leg joins are notably more rigid, further adding to the strength of the new shape.

Abbey chairs at a table

The contemporary shape of the Abbey is a departure from our more classic stacking chair designs. Key characteristics include a wide, curved backrest and square seat frame with a new molded upholstered seat for additional comfort. The angular back legs provide the Abbey with additional stability, a highly desirable quality for a stacking chair to have as it is typically used in high traffic environments. With its small footprint and lightweight frame, the Abbey promises to be the perfect addition to multifunctional spaces and private homes across South Africa and beyond.

As with all Woodbender designs, the Abbey is a premium-quality handcrafted piece of furniture made from sustainably sourced Ash timber. Customers are encouraged to add their personal touch by ordering it in a fabric and stain of their choice.