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Introducing the Vuti Bar Stool

Versatile, compact, elegant: three words to sum up our new Vuti Bar Stool. Following the success of our Vuti Chair and due to popular demand, we are excited to have developed the Vuti Bar Stool. An evolution of our best-selling Vuti Chair, the Vuti Bar Stool delivers a smart seating solution for smaller spaces while ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on comfort or style. 
In restaurants, bar stools offer a trendy and casual setting, allowing flexibility in seating arrangements and maximising space utilisation. At home, bar or kitchen stools have gained popularity for kitchen islands, breakfast bars or home bars, adding a modern touch and creating a relaxed atmosphere. The Vuti Stool highlights three fundamental elements of a successful bar stool. 


An ideal seating solution for bustling wine bars, cosy venues and residential homes alike, the Vuti Stool sets a new standard for space-saving design and can tuck in closely under a countertop to help maximise space in a bar or kitchen area. Versatility was a key consideration in its creation and the open back stool blends seamlessly into modern, minimalist, industrial, or even traditional settings. The open back also creates an airy and spacious feel that works well in small spaces and creates an atmosphere that welcomes social interaction. 


Despite its compact size, the Vuti Stool curves comfortably around your back to support your body while sitting so you can enjoy a leisurely drink or morning coffee. The thoughtful design allows adequate support for you to recline, while the short arms make it effortless to swivel and slide on and off the stool. This can be especially helpful in busy bar or restaurant environments where customers frequently come and go. The padded seat offers extra cushioning and aesthetic appeal. 


What sets the Vuti apart from other stools on the market is the attention to detail that goes into the production of this handmade piece of furniture. The Vuti Stool is shaped from solid ash wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests. Exceptional skill and bentwood artistry goes into the production and it is handcrafted with an emphasis on quality and durability, making it perfectly suited for high-traffic spaces.

The Vuti Stool is fully customisable in five standard timber finishes and your choice of upholstery fabric. To learn more about the Vuti Stool, get in touch with one of our seating specialists.