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It’s all in the showwood detail

A number of Woodbender chair and stool designs have incorporated the “showwood detail”.  This detail is advised for high traffic environments where the wear and tear on the upholstery is a factor to consider. The showwood is used on the key touch surface areas, the backrest and the arms of the chair or stool.


Kenton and Francis Back & Seat

The upholstery element of a chair adds additional comfort and opportunity for styling but comes with the risk of getting dirty and inevitably looking old quicker than it should. This can effect the longevity of the chair when the frame is still in perfect condition, it is just the fabric that has aged.


Morgan Handrail

Our solution to this is to always protect the fabric with a wooden border where possible, when choosing  furniture for high traffic environments such as waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants etc. We offer a number of styles with the showwood detail that are suitable for various applications.



Woodbender Product Photo Shoot

Indaba Fully Upholstered


Parklane Showwood

Plettenberg Handrail + Arms Bar Stool

Plettenberg Handrail Bar Stool with Arms


Arabella Highback Showwood Two Seater

Another tip to preserve upholstery fabric is to use a very strong and durable fabric on the inner backrest, inner arms and seat as these surfaces are frequently used as touch surfaces. On the outer back and arms a more decorative and lightweight fabric can be used as these surfaces are much less likely to get dirty.