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Lynda Louw on Spring 2018 Trends

With spring almost sprung, we turned to interior designer Lynda Louw of Lynda Louw Interiors for an inside look at what to expect from this bright and budding season. Lynda is a respected name in the interior décor industry and has many years of experience creating exquisite interiors that reflect the individual tastes of her clientele. When it comes to Spring 2018, Lynda says that we can expect it to be:

Oden with Throw

Oden Tub

Big on handmade objet d’art
Handmade is the new buzzword for 2018 and spring will feature a mixture of décor objects, representing different cultures.

… metallics
Expect to see more of the metal colours, specifically gold, coming through. Rose quartz, also referred to as millennial pink, is still firmly on trend and will be joined by bright greens, emerald green, teal, chartreuse and rust.

… and stylish servingware
Drinks trolleys are a must-have for indoor and outdoor entertainment areas. Cutlery in copper, gold and black are also on trend.

All about bold patterns
Traditional and ethnic inspired patterns treated in a modern, minimalist way will make an appearance this spring as will strong geometric designs.

… and plants
Houseplants, used in a modern way, are still very much on trend going into spring. Look out for succulents in combination with glass and natural elements like stones and bark, as well as hanging plants, which are also making a comeback. Lynda recommends teaming greenery with lush green upholstery fabric on an occasional chair, or a textured rug.

Floral friendly
Fabric wise, expect to see plenty of florals, some of which will feature large pattern repeats. Those with a dry handle such as cottons and linens, as well as polyester/linen and polyester/cotton blends are going to be particularly popular.

… and wild about wallpaper
Wallpaper is making a huge comeback this season, adding depth and texture to walls, and transforming rooms in a way that won’t break the budget.

Which Woodbender designs does Lynda recommend for the season?
While all of the Woodbender designs complement any room beautifully, I think that the Oden range and Oslo chair will work especially well for Spring 2018.

What are her tips for embracing Spring 2018 trends?
Keep the canvas clean and simple and add interest though objet d’art, scatter cushions, rugs (outdoor rugs are huge this spring), throws and interesting light fittings.


Oslo Chair