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Meet the Maker – Grant Longmore

Behind every one of Woodbender’s chairs you’ll find the story behind the beautiful design. These are no ordinary chairs, they tell a story. Our charismatic Kariba chair has its own story to tell, and it starts with a man called Grant Longmore, Technical Director at Woodbender.

Grant Longmore
Grant Longmore, Technical Director

Grant joined Woodbender in 2018 and has been an invaluable member of our team.  Coming from a creative family, Grant was born and raised in the Natal Midlands. After finishing school, Grant completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering in Durban, followed by years spent in the streel construction industry and 8 years in London working on computer network infrastructure. 

Back in South Africa, Grant opened his own kitchen design and manufacturing business, followed by 8 years in the furniture manufacturing and design industry.   Grant brings with him years of experience and since he joined, designed our iconic Kariba’s, Makuti’s, Henley Chair, Calvin’s, Abbey Chair and more.

The Kariba design process started as an experiment, but it was soon decided that the Kariba had to truly be part of our furniture offering at Woodbender. Fewer parts and joins make this design extremely durable and strong, whilst showing off true minimalism and African flair.

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and we kept this in mind when designing the Kariba. There was a need in the market for a dining chair that is both compact and comfortable, and we felt that a simple silhouette with a slightly wider seat would be the answer” explains Grant Longmore.

Inspired by Africa

Like several of our chairs, the Kariba takes its name from a small town in Southern Africa, found tucked away along the shores of breath taking Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. A country full of vast, raw natural beauty, Kariba itself is a reflection of tranquillity from the waterways, set against a rugged landscape. This contrasting beauty is evident in the Kariba, in its form, as well as its function.

Open-back chairs such as this one are more compact than some of the larger dining room chair designs. They take up much less space, without compromising on comfort in the slightest. Linger around the table after dinner and enjoy the feeling of the tilted backrest and sloping arms.

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