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Our favourite summer fabric trends

As a Woodbender customer, you have the opportunity to select the perfect fabric for your furniture pieces. To ensure that you stay on top of the summer fabric trends, read on below to find out the four top trends we predict will make it big during 2022 and how you can incorporate them into your space using our Woodbender Collection.

Bring nature inside

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the connection between nature and home living becoming more and more important to consumers. Deepen your connection with the outdoors with biophilia-esque décor by incorporating natural materials in calm hues and textures taking inspiration from nature. According to imm cologne: “It’s a matter of creating a symbiosis between natural materials, colours and textiles to infuse rooms with a warm atmosphere.”

Think dark brown and green hues — try combining the Riga Chair with a walnut finish and upholstered with a textured fabric such as velvet or corduroy in dark forest green.

Sustainable materials and textiles

The global trend towards sustainability has raised questions concerning the textile industry. They have responded with fabrics made from recycled materials, a shift towards environmentally-friendly hemp fabrics, and fair-trade organic cotton and linen. We’ve also seen an uptick in alternatives to animal-derived fabrics, such as vegan and vegetarian leather made from anything from apples and pineapples to mushrooms.

As long as the fabric supplied is suitable for upholstery, we can incorporate it into any piece. We think the Floro Chair is especially suited to being upholstered in vegan or vegetarian leather.

It’s all about colour

We’re stepping away from bland neutrals as consumers are starting to experiment with colour again. Keep your palette rooted in nature and focus on shades that evoke breathtaking views from nature. Whether you go for earthy, sandy colours or opt for bolder greens and blues, we are certain of one thing —with the Salsa Stool, any choice will make a statement.


Cottagecore first emerged back in 2020 as a response to the frantic daily living that emerged thanks to advances in technology. This trend evokes a simplified, slower pace of life and a comfortable, homely look and feel, bringing character to any space. Forget metallics and florals, and embrace colour blocks, contemporary plaid, or gingham’s checkerboard effect. We think the Oden Tub is just begging to be upholstered in a soft gingham.