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Three Practicalities to Consider When Choosing Dining Chairs

When it comes to selecting dining chairs, practicality is crucial for ensuring optimal comfort, functionality, and suitability for different applications and settings. We explore three practical considerations to keep in mind when choosing dining chairs: accommodating different body types, space efficiency and storage, and upholstery longevity. The Makuti, Abbey, and Malmo dining chairs each offer unique features that make them excellent choices in these areas.  

Accommodating all body types 

The Makuti dining chair excels in comfort with its large seat designed to accommodate various body types. Whether you’re a fine dining restaurant, a cosy coffee shop or are looking for chairs for around your dining room table at home, the Makuti chair ensures that everyone can dine in comfort without feeling cramped. Its spacious D-shaped bentwood seat provides ample room for enjoyable and relaxed dining experiences. If you require bar stools with this important feature, the Makuti dining chair also offers a matching kitchen and bar stool option with a large seat. 

Space efficiency and storage 

The Abbey dining chair offers a practical solution for optimising space with its stacking capability. Perfect for venues with limited space or those in need of flexible seating arrangements, the Abbey chair can be stacked up to four chairs high. This feature allows for easy storage when not in use and provides versatility in adapting to different dining scenarios. Unlike many other stacking chairs on the market that are made of plastic or metal, the Abbey chair, like all Woodbender furniture, is expertly handcrafted from solid wood. This ensures a high-quality, long-lasting stacking chair option that is finished in your of timber finish and fabric, perfectly complementing the space it is placed in. 

Upholstery longevity 

The Malmo dining chair combines comfort, privacy, and fabric protection with its framed upholstered backrest. The wooden frame surrounding the backrest not only enhances the chair’s visual appeal but also provides additional comfort and support. Furthermore, it offers a sense of privacy during meals and creates a distinct dining area. Unlike many other upholstered dining chairs, the Malmo chair’s solid wooden frame acts as a protective barrier, preserving the fabric and maintaining its newer appearance for an extended period. Similar to the Makuti, the Malmo chair is also available as a kitchen and bar stool option. 

There are many other considerations when choosing dining chairs, design aesthetic, comfort, price, availability etc. While accommodating all body types, space efficiency and storage and upholstery longevity might not have been at the top of your list, exploring these practical features will help ensure you make the right choice when it comes to choosing dining chairs.   

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