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Rumour Has It styles Alto Wine Estate’s tasting room

In the Cape winelands there are hundreds of wineries that invite you to sip and savour the finest wines from the region. What sets Alto Wine Estate apart from the rest is that they are the oldest red wine only estate in South Africa and they have been producing top-quality red wines for over 100 years. To enhance the tasting experience, interior design company Rumour Has It was brought on board to create a welcoming space that showcases the spirit of Alto wines and we had the opportunity to collaborate with them on the project.  

Rumour Has It - Alto Wine Farm
Riga Chairs

From vine to glass 

Terroir, pronounced “teh-RWAHR,” refers to the magical combination of soil, climate and geography that is unique to each vineyard and infuses the wine with personality and the character of the land. The Alto property is situated in the heart of the Golden Triangle, a top wine growing area that stretches from the foothills of the Helderberg to the edge of the Stellenbosch Mountains. The terroir caught the attention of farmer Manie Malan and his family who recognised that the altitude and soil were ideal for producing full-bodied red wines. The legacy of Alto’s fine red wine has since been passed down through five expert winemakers with Bertho van der Westhuizen currently at the helm.    
Beyond the grapevines, their restaurant offers a small menu using fresh and locally sourced ingredients to create flavourful dishes that complement their wine selection, while the tasting room offers a selection of wines and pairing options in a cosy setting that was conceptualised by design studio Rumour Has It.

Thoughtful design with Rumour Has It 

After working with a Cape Town-based architect on a private residential property in Constantia, Analise de Beer was inspired to start her own architecture business. From humble beginnings in 2007, Rumour Has It has since grown to a group of companies that offer a fully integrated brand experience in a physical and digital world.

Rumour Has It - Alto Wine Farm

Their design philosophy celebrates timeless, original, functional and innovative design to create a meaningful difference in a space. In the case of Alto, the interior was executed by a team of highly skilled designers Tanya, Michelle and Reone. The brief was for a temporary interior renovation. As all the existing buildings at Alto are historical buildings, RHI had to work with the current heritage structure and only revamped the interiors. Therefore, the design team wanted the interior to add to the existing historical elements. The room gracefully intertwines rustic charm with modern sophistication to create an experience which is both elegant and authentic. Terracotta tiles, a deep red accent wall and dark wood elements are balanced by white walls and light streaming in from the sun-kissed vineyards. The down-to-earth atmosphere harmonises beautifully with an estate that has always welcomed visitors to enjoy their famous red blends.

A lasting partnership with Woodbender 

Rumour Has It has chosen Woodbender products for a number of projects in the past because in commercial environments, stylish furniture that is comfortable and durable provides trust, longevity and a good return on investment. For Alto, the design team carefully considered a curated range of Woodbender furniture that would suit the style of the existing Alto building and architecture, and speak to the relaxed interior style. Our Riga chairs in dark wood add interest and comfort to the tasting and dining area, while our Oden tub chairs work well to create an intimate lounge area to sip in style. 

Our furniture suits a wide range of interior styles because it is so easy to customise. Get in touch with one of our seating specialists today to find out more about our collection of chairs and stools