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Stylish Yet Classic Wooden Furniture for Bateleur Estate

Bateleur Estate is a unique lifestyle estate that aims to promote an active healthy lifestyle and at the same time provides residents with the necessary retirement and frail care facilities they need. Ideally positioned against the backdrop of the breathtaking Lowveld landscape, the developers took great care to conserve and incorporate the natural serene environment into the estate, leaving lots of open spaces and undeveloped green vegetation.

The lush botanical surroundings were the source of inspiration for the interior aesthetics, using green as the primary decorative colour. Special attention was given to accessibility and ease of movement throughout the estate, to cater for each resident’s physical needs.

All furniture was meticulously sourced from homegrown artisans in order to support the local community, with the ultimate aim being to create an inviting, non-clinical atmosphere that is comfortable and safe to all residents.

Woodbender was proud to supply dining chairs, dining tables and occasional furniture to the estate.


Our Soho and Indaba fully upholstered tubs and salsa stool create a stylish space for residents to have a game of chess, enjoy a cup of tea or catch up with each other.


Our Capri Paddleback and Morgan Carver dining room chairs sit at customised dining tables that have rounded corners and cut outs in the table frame, so that wheel chairs can push up against them comfortably.