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Take the edge off with natural timber and curved details

The concept of biophilia refers to the human instinct to want to connect with nature because it promotes well-being and quality of life. It’s a design trend that has increased in popularity post-pandemic and we have seen a growing demand for organic materials in our homes and décor. Two elements in particular, natural wood and curved details, really showcase the visual appeal and mood-boosting qualities of natural design. 

Natural timber 

Few materials can rival the timeless appeal and versatility of wood and it is cherished for its inherent strength, functionality, durability and character. People tend to be drawn to wood and timber architecture in comparison to other materials because, from the unique grain pattern to the texture and earthy scent, natural wood offers a multi-sensory experience that is warm and comforting. As a renewable resource, new trees can be planted to replace those harvested. Ash wood, which we use for all our chairs and stools, is one of the fastest-growing hardwood trees, and it is also self-seeding, which means it grows abundantly. Through responsible management and utilising sustainable harvesting practices, we can ensure the preservation of our forests. 

All of our bentwood chairs and stools are made from sustainably-sourced hardwood that is ideal for bending. It is remarkable to watch our team use steam to bend the timber and it allows us to preserve the natural integrity of the wood, reduce breakage points and reduce waste. We also offer five timber finishes to help you achieve your design goals. The product we use for our timber finishes seals off the wood, protecting it from absorbing moisture or drying out. It comes in a matte finish to better reflect the look of raw timber. A quick browse through our past projects will show that quality wooden furniture is undoubtedly an authentic way to add style to a space.

Curve appeal 

Somewhat misunderstood in 1959 when he designed the Guggenheim Museum in New York, renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright was asked whether he thought the curved design of the building would detract from the art. His response was, “On the contrary, it was to make the building and the painting an uninterrupted, beautiful symphony such as never existed in the world of art before.” The Guggenheim has since become an architectural icon that inspires countless visitors. There have been studies conducted to try and discern whether people favour rectilinear design or curvilinear design. While it is complicated research that is by no means conclusive, an interesting takeaway was that when asked directly, most participants had no preference for one or the other, but when asked which space they’d be likely to enter, participants were more likely to choose the curved rooms. 

It is clear that curve appeal is a trend with staying power and it has trickled down from grand museums, to the architecture of restaurants and private homes, to furniture and accessories. Curves evoke a sense of relaxation and warmth and are the perfect way to create balance and movement in a space. Embracing curves is a practical way to soften an interior design style that might feel cold and uninviting. They blend in easily with existing straight lines and angles to create a unique and interesting space.

Curves are a defining characteristic of our bentwood chairs. The smooth bends are irresistible to the touch and our curved designs allow you to perfectly capture this modern interior trend in a timeless way. 

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