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The Story of a Chair: Quality Control and Delivery

Once a chair has gone through the Tinting and Upholstery process, it moves on to
Quality Control (QC). Here, it will be thoroughly inspected for any defects and our
QC team will ensure that it is level.

If the piece meets all the necessary criteria, the team will attach the Woodbender
Metal Label and a QC sticker. It will then move on to be packed in protective
wrapping to ensure it arrives at its destination in perfect condition.


Finally, the piece will be delivered to the customer by courier within three to five days of leaving the factory.


Then all that’s left is for the customer to place the chair in its new home – and to
enjoy their custom Woodbender piece.

A note on caring for Woodbender furniture:
Our furniture is easy to clean – all that’s needed is a damp cloth to remove any dirt
or dust. It is also designed exclusively for indoor use and should not be exposed to
direct sunlight or moisture.