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Warm up your home this winter

Cold and rainy weather calls for a warm touch when it comes to your décor. Here are some easy ways to make your home cosy and inviting this winter.

1. Bring in colour and texture
One of the easiest ways to update your décor for the season is by introducing warm colours, patterns and textures through cushions and throws. Blankets are also a great winter addition – perfect to snuggle under when the weather turns icy.

How to make your home cosier this winter

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2. Introduce warm, soft lighting
If your space seems a little cold, a lamp or two will add a soft, warm light to the room. Then all that’s needed is a comfy chair, a woolly blanket, a mug of hot chocolate and a good book.

3. Add a few rugs
Area rugs are an easy way to add a bit of personality, colour and texture to a room, and they can help to bring a space together. Plus, they’re much more pleasant underfoot in winter than a cold, hard floor.

4. Make a fire
Nothing says cosy quite like a crackling fire. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, put it to good use this winter – but be sure to have your chimney cleaned first if you haven’t used it in a while. Keep some logs in a basket nearby, add a screen to prevent sparks from flying onto the carpet or rug, curl up on the couch and enjoy.

5. Stock up on tea, coffee and hot chocolate
Creating a warm and inviting home isn’t just about your décor. There’s no quicker way to warm up on a cold day than by enjoying a mug of something hot and delicious. So keep a selection of warming drinks on hand, from coffee and hot chocolate to teas like rooibos, lemon and ginger, and chai.