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What to consider when choosing your dining chairs this holiday season

During the festive season, we typically spend more time around the table with loved ones. While the focus usually falls on tablescape design and menu, it’s important to consider how your choice of seating can impact any gathering you host.

The footprint of a chair dictates how guests spend their time around the table, especially during this time of year when we often linger longer over celebratory meals. The shape and size of your chair of choice and how it is positioned at the table will also impact several actions that happen around it, for example, walking, dancing and serving.

Alta Chairs

One of the first key considerations is armrests. Chairs without them are generally easier to move around and can be neatly tucked underneath the table, creating more space in the room. On the other hand, chairs with armrests offer support for standing up and sitting down and are easier to lean back in and relax in during a lazy holiday lunch. The height of the backrest should also be considered. Higher backrest chairs have a more formal feel to them while chairs with low backrests encourage conversation and are easier for servers to pour wine and serve food. Our Riga, Alta, Makuti and Kariba chairs are all popular options. Dining establishments and homes where additional seating is sometimes required, benefit from a stackable chair like our Abbey. It has a lightweight frame and angular back legs for additional stability, two important characteristics of a stackable chair. When not in use, the Abbey can be stacked and stored away with ease.

Makuti Stools

As you set the table this festive season, keep space in mind. The last thing you want is for your guests to feel cramped or bump elbows while they’re eating. 15 – 25cm of space between each person leaves enough room for people to enjoy each other’s company without being on top of one another and makes exiting and joining the table less disruptive to neighboring diners. For more formal meals, allow a little more space. About 30cm should suffice.