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What’s in this Spring: Ethical Practice and Sustainability

Sustainability has been a recurring trend for a while now, with some even arguing that it’s less of a trend and more of a lifestyle change. Either way, we’re all for it and have based our business on ethical practice and sustainable design from day one. Spring has sprung, and this is usually the time of year where we take stock of how we’ve been living and where we can improve – its the opportunity for a fresh start, if you will. If you’re looking to address your environmental impact and invest in sustainable furniture, here are 5 reasons to consider Woodbender.

House McDonald

Using sustainably sourced materials is at the forefront of the Woodbender design process which is why we have carefully selected where our timber comes from. All Woodbender designs are crafted from Ash timber grown in certified forests. These forests are vast and dense, and the felling of trees allows for increased light and space which promotes the growth of new saplings and ultimately replenishes the forest.


At Woodbender we pride ourselves on using ancient woodbending techniques to produce on-trend pieces. While keeping up with the times and answering the market demand for trendy furniture is important to us, we also see the value in creating designs that transition seamlessly from decade to decade. Some of our very first hospitality clients still use the Woodbender chairs they purchased almost 30 years ago, which really is testament to our vision. Our designs are a reflection of modern furniture trends but still maintain a timeless element to them. Furniture with a trendy yet timeless look and feel is a great way to reduce consumerism because it will never look outdated and need replacing.

Buying furniture that is superior in quality and craftsmanship is another way to negate the need for new purchases, which is better for the environment. Woodbender furniture stands the test of time and is made to last because of the process we use to bend the wood. We have fine-tuned a steaming technique that eliminates the need for multiple joins in each design. This results in a stronger end product because the integrity of the wood is preserved. Naturally, the Woodbender office is kitted out in our designs so we’re able to keep an eye on how each piece reacts to daily use and provide the manufacturing team with feedback on a regular basis. We’re confident that all Woodbender designs are of the finest quality and offer a 6-year guarantee as a result.

Charles and Shirley

Woodbender was started by the Mast family almost 31 years ago, and has grown into a thriving family-owned business that sees various members of the Mast family in dedicated roles within the company. Always striving for excellence in every endeavor, the Mast family has worked tirelessly to build a reputation as one of South Africa’s most trusted furniture manufacturers. All Woodbender designs are made on-premises at the Woodbender factory in the Helderberg, Western Cape, and select designs can be viewed at the adjoining showroom, as well as at our showroom in Parkhurst, Gauteng.

Wooden part

Maintaining an ethical work practice goes beyond our manufacturing process. At Woodbender we believe that uncompromising integrity should be reflected in our relationships with our staff, suppliers, and clients too. Honest relationships are at the core of a successful business and it’s the reason why the Woodbender team is so strong. It’s important to us that our staff are happy because happy staff are more emotionally invested in the job at hand which results in an end product made with care and passion. A general respect for one another and the Woodbender brand is what makes each Woodbender product a quality design.