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Woodbender collaborates with Ground Floor Interiors

Woodbender loves collaborating with industry leaders on projects, both big and small. This month we feature a ground breaking company, Ground Floor Interiors and their outstanding execution at Conchilla Restaurant in Ballito. We asked their designer, the highly talented Dale Dennis, a few questions to unpack his ideas around the project, and how Woodbender helped bring their project to life.

Woodbender Kariba Chairs

Let’s start at the beginning. In 2005 Dale obtained a B-Tech in Interior Design from TUT. After graduating he was employed by a well-known interior design company for five years. For three of these years he served as the Head Interior Designer (2005 -2009). While working his first job he also attended Varsity College where he received a Diploma in Project Management.

His passion for interior design and décor began at an early age, always having an incredible respect for the industry and an innate love for all things beautiful. With a natural flair for art it made sense Dale studied something within the arts and design field.

In January 2010, along with his business partner, he started Ground Floor Interiors. Here, he honed his design style, which he describes as a classic contemporary style, with focus on a comfortable natural homely feel. Dale believes in accessible interiors – where a space not only reflects a users’ aesthetic but also answers the need to function optimally, creating a fine balance between aesthetics and function. He believes a space should look great but not feel like a showroom. What makes Groundfloor Interiors so versatile is that him and his team welcome creative challenges from clients that wish to work across a vast array of  styles.

Dale Dennis

Recently Dale and his team at Groundfloor Interiors took on the Conchilla Restaurant Project. We asked Dale to unpack the brief for Conchilla. It was ‘Barefoot Luxury’. Firstly it was identified that Ballito was in dire need of a slightly more upmarket space for people to unwind and enjoy a drink. The owners Fabien and Diogo gave Groundfloor the brief and they ran with design concepts that would create an upmarket yet approachable space. Bearing in mind the coastal surroundings they used a very neutral base, with a pop of coastal colour in things such as the bar front tiling and booth seating – and the mural artist (Friso Van der Wal) also worked with the coastal colours from the design presentation. Pattern and texture were created from floor to the ceiling and there are many design points of interest throughout the space. The key was to have an interesting interior without going over the top and creating visual clutter.

Dale says “I chose the Kariba chairs and bar stools for Conchilla for the sleek clean lines and classic appeal – the Kariba  was perfect for my concept”.

Dale has used Woodbender in quite a few of his projects, mostly being residential until now, so mostly occasional chairs and bar/nook stools. He looks for classic style pieces that are high quality and that is why he says he opts for Woodbender, pieces that last and can be reupholstered should the client need a refreshed look. He reiterates that a quality piece enables the client to reuse the piece with different looks for years and years – so if the base is good, the covering can be tweaked over and over again. Dale chooses Woodbender for these reasons and also because of the amazing six year frame guarantee. This, he says “Gives us peace of mind that our client is going to get a quality piece from a reputable brand. I have never had any issues with any of the items from Woodbender over all the years I have been using these products”.