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Woodbender gets to know Jackie Fitzgerald

Our team understands the importance of keeping our finger on the design pulse, staying ahead of trends, and chatting to those who set them. One such trendsetter is the Founder and Creative Director of Story Design Collective, Jackie Fitzgerald.

Jackie Fitzgerald

Jackie’s passion for interior architecture and design began as a young girl when she shadowed her dad during his building projects. Jackie’s parents renovated homes and worked on a range of interior projects. She loves both commercial and residential projects as a result, and embraces the challenges that each represents.

Jackie’s Style and her take on trends

She describes her personal style as understated and classic, however The Story Design Collective team go above and beyond to meet all the needs of their varied clientele, from large commercial outfits, to finding stylish lifestyle solutions for residential projects.

Jackie acknowledges that trends are a big part of our culture, but as a designer, she feels one should have certain true aesthetic values that you need to stick to.

“We will always love a curve at Story Design Collective, so it pleases me that arches and organic shapes are a trend in interior architecture right now”, says Jackie.

Doppio Zero Project

Jackie and her team design and execute the interior spaces of the well-known restaurant chain, Doppio Zero. Jackie tells us that she loves working alongside the DZ brand,as it has an inviolable identity that sets it apart and it can’t be copied and pasted. Each establishment is designed according to its own specific location, and the atmosphere they want to create in that unique space – making every design angle come from a fresh perspective.

Story Design Collective & Woodbender

Jackie chooses Woodbender for very good reason. “We like to use specialised suppliers for every brand, and Woodbender is excellent in a restaurant environment, because their quality is outstanding” Fitzgerald says. She adds that aesthetic, quality and comfort are all equally important when selecting products for their projects. The Abbey Chair, Henley Chair, as well as the Vuti Chair are top on Jackie’s list of preferred Woodbender products. “We enjoy the fact that their chairs are available in various bespoke finishes which we can order, to complement our designs”.