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Woodbender meets the Bone Design Team

Good partnerships are like gold – when they work, the results are a tangible triumph.

Bone Design Team
The Bone Design Team | Nicola Orphen and Hayley Turner

Bone Design Studio was formed in 2011 by Nicola Orpen and Hayley Turner. After working together at the same company, they realised their strengths aligned and wanted to use this to continue creating interesting and dynamic spaces within the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors. This time, under their own brand.

Hayley describes their décor style as fluid. She says there is not one specific style that can be stamped on every project – each one is unique to the client and the space. If anything, Bone Design can be described as creating an eclectic balance between modern, antique and traditional African spaces, which reflect both their personal styles.

The Waterside Project – V&A Waterfront

Having worked with the La Colombe group of restaurants on previous projects, they were approached to create a new notch on their culinary institution belt with the sought-after water’s edge location at the V&A Waterfront.

They took from the surroundings and harnessed the history and uniqueness of this specific site.  This resulted in a powerful blend of traditional modernism that channelled the restaurants unique character, the humble and casual dining style below with the culinary artistry of the upper floor. 

Our Kariba chair was the seat of choice, with its clean yet powerful silhouette. With the views from the restaurant being a major focus, Bone Design needed a chair that would not overpower or ‘complicate’ the space.

Woodbender and Bone Design: A Collaborative Relationship

Hayley and Nicola have chosen Woodbender pieces for various projects, and for very good reason.   Woodbender dining chairs and bar stools are unique, and allowing customisation, offer options to suite all design styles.  And on top of that, the furniture quality will stand the test of time. 

The biggest factor they consider when decorating a space, especially a commercial fit out, is durability, comfort, and a long guarantee on quality. Chairs in these spaces need to perform at the highest level, therefore chair frames need to be strong, have minimal screws or joining parts and offer maximum comfort. Bone Design reinforces that Woodbender ticks all of these boxes and allows them to play with timber finish and fabric options to ensure the furniture adapts to any design they choose to create.

When asked if they would recommend Woodbender to others, they answered a confident YES of for the following reasons:

  • Unrivalled quality and array of styles
  • Excellent customer service
  • 6-year structural guarantee on all chair and stool frames

Get in touch with one of our seating specialists today to enquire about our chairs and stools.  And to discover more about how you can customise our furniture to complete your space.