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Woodbender – The go-to choice for SA’s most High-Profile Hospitality Establishments

Over the years, Woodbender has earned a reputation for being an expert in hospitality furniture. Our emphasis on designing furniture that is equally beautiful and functional means that we’re able to craft pieces that are not only stylish but also incredibly sturdy and durable – a must for high traffic areas such as restaurants and hotels. This, coupled with the fact that all Woodbender designs are fully customisable, makes us the go-to choice for some of South Africa’s most high-profile hospitality establishments. We’re proud that industry leaders reach out to us because they trust our quality and craftsmanship.

One such customer is Cape Town restaurateur and entrepreneur, Daniel Holland. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the man behind some of the Mother City’s most beloved eateries, such as The Moveable Feast and YOURSTRULY.

Bar at restaurant

Daniel spent his late teens and early twenties working in restaurants while studying textile design. He soon realised that he had a knack for putting a smile on the faces of strangers and making them feel at home in a hospitality setting, and this sparked his passion for the industry.

Inspired by Cape Town’s burgeoning coffee culture and the desire to be self-employed, Daniel took the plunge and opened his first coffee shop on Long street in 2010. Talent, hard work, and learning to navigate the seasonal nature of the industry allowed him to grow as an entrepreneur and open several more establishments over the years. His proudest accomplishment to date is the purchase of a heritage building in the heart of the CBD in 2015. Quite the achievement for someone not yet 30 years old at the time.

Daniel describes his spaces as a ‘home away from home’ and says that he wants all patrons to feel that his establishments are warm, accessible, and welcoming. This has been achieved by incorporating loads of plants and using as many natural elements as possible. His love for raw materials and spaces that blend seamlessly from indoors to outdoors is evident in the design of each establishment.

Restaurant space

When it came to sourcing seating for his latest project, The Moveable Feast, Daniel knew that he wanted Woodbender chairs because of how durable they are. “I chose Woodbender for it’s quality guarantee and I particularly chose the pieces that I did because they were the perfect fit for the space that I had envisioned and loved how hardy and well made they were.” When asked if he would recommend Woodbender to others and purchase from us again, his response was a resounding “absolutely”.

It’s always a pleasure doing business with enthusiastic and inspiring clients like Daniel, and we cannot wait to see what he achieves next.