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The Waterside Restaurant

Client: Bone Design Studio
Location: The Waterside, V&A Waterfront, South Africa

Having worked with the La Colombe group of restaurants on previous projects, the Bone Design team were approached to create a new notch on their culinary institution belt with the sought-after water’s edge location at the V&A Waterfront.

They took inspiration from the surroundings and harnessed the history and uniqueness of this specific site.  This resulted in a powerful blend of traditional modernism that channeled the restaurants unique character, the humble and casual dining style below with the culinary artistry of the upper floor. 

Our Kariba chair was the seat of choice, with its clean yet powerful silhouette. With the views from the restaurant being a major focus, Bone Design needed a chair that would not overpower or ‘complicate’ the space.

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Kariba chair

Kariba Chair


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