Crags Country Lodge - Woodbender

Crags Country Lodge

The Garden Route, South Africa


Client: Petrus Maree (designer)

Crags Country Lodge, nestled amid the serene landscapes of South Africa’s Garden Route, is cherished by travellers for its tranquility. The design concept was shaped around the landscape and views offering the guest luxury, comfort and detail but a design that is timeless, not distracting from the environment it’s nestled in but rather blends quietly into nature.



Petrus Maree’s transformation of Crags Country Lodge is a testament to his ability to infuse spaces with understated elegance. Our Abbey Chairs, with their quiet yet captivating presence, played a pivotal role in achieving this unobtrusive beauty. The result is an interior that pays homage to the Lodge’s natural surroundings while providing a serene and remarkable experience for its guests. Petrus Maree’s work at Crags Country Lodge with our Abbey chairs stands as an inspiring example of how understated design choices can leave a lasting impression, quietly elevating spaces to timeless beauty.

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