Desert Island Country Club - Woodbender

Desert Island Country Club

California, United States


Client: Time & Space

First established in 1971 and recently re-imagined, Desert Island is not just a country club with a breathtaking lake and mountain backdrop to the championship golf course, it is one that is open to all and steeped in the glamour of 1970s and 80s Palm Springs. Desert Island strives to celebrate the unusual, the glamorous eccentricities and whimsical indulgence of life less ordinary.



The club boasts three restaurants, bars and a grand ballroom featuring our Henley Chairs in a bold and eccentric selection of colour finishes. Miguel from Time & Space fell in love with the solid mix of clean contemporary and classic dining chairs that our Henley Chairs offer. The strength and durability of all our bentwood dining chairs not only makes them aesthetically appealing, they are fully equipped to withstand high traffic areas as well.

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